मनोरन्जन समाचार, सेलिब्रेटीहरू, सेलिब्रेट समाचारहरू, र प्रसिद्ध गफहरूका लागि तपाईंको स्रोत। ताजा फेसन, फोटोहरू, चलचित्रहरू र टिभी कार्यक्रमहरू जाँच गर्नुहोस्!

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About us

Joy Nepal is a one-stop destination for the latest and most detailed entertainment, lifestyle, health, sports, and much more. As a youth and women-centric digital news portal, Joy provides readers with exclusive and insightful content, photos, and multimedia on a variety of topics.
This portal regularly publishes over one hundred pieces of content each day, ranging from special stories, features, interviews, news, views, reports, and analyses from the world of lifestyle, glamour, tech, health, culture, sports, and beyond.
It also focuses on the dynamic interests of the youth and women-centric audience, delivering diverse and high-quality content while providing authentic and quality content offerings on a variety of trusted and aspirational topics for responsive digital audiences.
This portal is poised to change the way the public receives news in all aspects of entertainment and lifestyle, including exclusive photo shoots of top celebrities, model photo galleries, video shoots, tips, popular celebrity gossip, and tricks on various topics.

Joy Nepal is a dynamic digital portal that seamlessly blends fashion, beauty, society, culture, sports, lifestyle, food, travel, crime, pets, decorations, extraordinary things, tech, human interests, and entertainment, among other topics.
Serving as a vibrant hub of entertainment, lifestyle, health, sports, and tech, it is driven by a dedicated team of editors, writers, videographers, multimedia specialists, designers, photographers, and fashion experts.

The collaborative effort of the Joy Nepal team ensures comprehensive coverage of trustworthy news, views, stories, and analyses spanning celebrities, entertainment, sports, decoration, and other categories, while also delving into the narratives of human interests and lifestyle.
The Joy Nepal team approaches storytelling through different lenses, influencing trends and presenting positive, inspiring, and successful stories.

Beyond merely offering entertainment, it strives to provide the audience with a sense of hope, optimism, and kindness, inspiring positive action.
Dedicated to delivering the highest quality content in text, photos, videos, and sound, Joy Nepal offers engaging and informative narratives that foster a vibrant community.
This platform is a go-to destination for specific information, in-depth analyses, and compelling stories, providing juicy content on various aspects of lifestyle and glamour.

At Joy Nepal, entertainment is a concept that embodies various elements designed to entertain readers.
Additionally, this portal provides audiences with information on everything related to the entertainment world, delivering in-depth coverage on fun, film, modeling, fashion, humor, music, celebrities, lifestyle, and beauty, among others.
Joy Nepal curates content that goes beyond mere entertainment and lifestyle; it brings forth positive, inspiring, and successful stories.
It also offers its audience a sense of humor, inspiration, enjoyment, hope, optimism, and motivation, encouraging them toward kindness and positive actions.


Joy Nepal is on a mission to enrich lives, aiming to bring happiness to our audience by providing high-quality lifestyle and entertainment content.
We entertain, inform, and inspire people by delivering a diverse array of engaging content spanning entertainment, glamour, culture, beauty, sports, tourism, and more.
Our goal is to establish ourselves as the go-to source for lifestyle insights, contributing to people living better every day.

Our commitment extends to creating top-notch content in the entertainment industry, positioning ourselves as the key source of authentic lifestyle, health, and entertainment information.
We aspire to offer the best perspective through our content, aiming to create a positive impact on the lives of our audience.


At Joy Nepal, we believe in the profound impact of a nation’s citizens’ lifestyle as a true measure of its prosperity.
Embracing a pioneering approach to journalism, we embark on a journey of ‘lifestyle journalism’ that transcends traditional reporting.
Joy Nepal serves as a vibrant source of lifestyle news, seamlessly covering perspectives from local to global landscapes.

Through the fusion of exclusive celebrity content, visually appealing features, and strategic collaborations, Joy Nepal aspires to be a leading platform that not only entertains but also informs and inspires its diverse audience.